A good coat of paint on the exterior of the house protects both the cladding boards and the wall structure under them, and of course, the new fresh paint surface looks good. Hill Country Painting believes early summer is the best time for exterior painting.

When the daily temperatures have remained stable at 10-15 degrees in the spring, the so-called official grilling period has begun; at the same time, the movement of gardeners between home and garden shops will begin to hit, and swimming bridges will be re-launched on the beaches. 

According to experts, spring and early summer are the best times for exterior painting. The outer panelling of the house is the driest in spring with sunny weather. The best time for exterior painting usually starts during corn warmers. From the day of tungsten, the air temperatures are usually on the plus side.

Sooner Rather Than Later

Updating the exterior of the house should not be postponed for too long. If the exterior painting of the house is done on time, the work will be easier, and the price will be lower. The paint surface of the outer lining should not be allowed to deteriorate.


Before Painting The Exterior, You Need To Find Out Which Paint To Use.

It is lucky if there is stored information about the colour of the previous house painting. In this case, it is much easier to find the required colour in the paint shop. If it is not possible to understand what type of paint it is from the colour sample taken from the wall itself, it is worth taking the sample with you to the paint shop and finding out from an expert there.

Based on the appearance of the paint surface, it is already sufficient to decide what type of paint it is. The surface of water-based paints remains uniform for a long time. First, the water-based paints begin to peel off the surface between the cladding boards at the edges of the tongues. Water-based paints peel off the surface in the form of bars or long elastic strips that can even be rolled around a finger.

However, oil paints dry like a net. When dry, the piece of paint comes off as pieces on the table surface, and when it is broken, the piece of paint is broken. The old paint surface painted with oil paint has also developed so-called chalking, and when dragging it over the surface of such white flour with a finger, it also sticks to the finger.

A denatured ethanol-based fuel can also be tested – water-based paints release a pigment; this is not the case for oil paints.

The type of paint with which the house is painted needs to be clarified before going to buy new paint, as the general rule is that the new coat of paint must be painted with the same type of paint like the old paint.

However, surfaces painted with oil paint may be coated with an aqueous acrylate paint or an aqueous alkyd oil paint.

A traditional boiling paint, such as the so-called Swedish red, can only be painted on a clean wood surface or on a brushed surface painted with old boiling paint.

The amount of paint must be calculated according to the square meters of the surface. And there is never enough paint when you count the surface to be painted without deducting the door and window openings. The cost of paint shown on the paint cans is calculated per square meter of smooth surface, and the purchased paint is usually not sufficient considering this.

Tips Painting The Exterior Of The House

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